Paul Robeson Theatre

The Arts Exchange Paul Robeson Theatre is named after the brilliant and iconic actor, attorney, athlete, and progressive intellectual, Paul Robeson. It has been the venue for exciting incubator projects as well as polished professional productions. Perhaps his name has inspired both the novice and the expert to bring their very best to this stage. The Arts Exchange has attracted some of the most exciting musical groups, the most dynamic plays, the most talented performers, the most insightful poets and the most passionate improvisational performances to the Paul Robeson Theatre.

robeson pic

This 150 seat theatre continues to attract a wide variety of incubator projects, alternative voices, community productions, and Broadway bound plays. Musical performances include Techno music, African traditional and contemporary music, Country music, Rhythm and Blues, Inspirational, straight ahead and new Jazz forms, Hip – Hop, and more! We invite you to experience the vast and varied creative expressions inspired by the warm embrace of the black backdrop on the Paul Robeson Theatre stage.

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